Te Law

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For businesses

We recognise the importance of avoiding disputes wherever possible and expertly managing human resources issues to get the best out of your people and your business.

However, the costs associated with instructing a traditional law firm are a significant overhead and can be much more than many businesses and individuals can afford.

Wendy set up te law having become increasingly concerned about the conflict between the charging system used by private practice and meeting clients’ needs in a cost effective and tailored manner.

te law is free to charge clients purely for the work done, i.e. no automatic rounding up to six minute units, no hidden costs for overheads, no automatic fee increases and no charging for incidental conversations. We work with clients to find a charging solution that fits with the specific needs of each client’s business and the work involved.

Our advice will always be commercial and practical – to provide a tailored employment law solution and become a valued member of your management team.

For individuals

Problems and disputes in the workplace can often be intimidating and many employees are unsure of their rights. We demystify the law and provide a supportive and personal service to help you through the issue. We can be available outside of normal working hours and agree a charging structure that doesn’t break the bank.

Feel free to call for an initial, no obligation discussion.